Book tip: A night in the zoo by Dominik Eberhard
Class 5B read a little English novel before the Easter holidays. Here is what some pupils think about the book.

Lorenz Kick:
The story is about Luke, who lives in a zoo with his family. They need more visitors so they want to offer some sleepovers for birthday parties at the zoo. They try to make a test sleepover with Lukeís friends and his sister Megan.
My favourite scene is when Ron and Malik think that a cat in the bush is the monkey that they are trying to find. I think you should read the book because itís funny and exciting, too.
Emilia Hartmann:
The book is about the Millers. They have got a zoo and they even live in Stockbridge Zoo. But the zoo hasnít got much money. Then Luke has an idea: they can have a sleepover! A few days later, they have a test sleepover. Some children, Lukeís friends, sleep in the learning centre of the zoo. That is the beginning of a great adventureÖ
My favourite scene is the scene where Ella and Megan are playing with the baby monkey Rosie in the learning centre. You must read the book because it is a good book for English beginners, itís easy to read and itís funny.
Hannah Arnold:
The book is about a night in the zoo of course! Luke is the zoo director`s son. Thatís why he lives in the zoo with his family. Its name is Stockbridge Zoo. The zoo hasn`t got much money. But the Millers have an idea: a sleepover at the zoo!
My favourite scene is when the monkey is sitting on Omarís back. (Omar is an elephant.). You should read the book because some scenes are exciting and some scenes are funny.
Lillian Swisher:
The book is about a boy called Luke. He lives in Stockbridge Zoo. Some of Luke`s friends come to a sleepover in the Zoo and a lot of exciting things happen. It is very interesting for the kids to explore the zoo at night. They get to see the monkeys, snakes and other animals. My favourite scene is when a monkey takes the flashlight from Jacob and another monkey jumps onto his back. Then Jacob yells for help the other kids just laugh at him. I also like the scene when a monkey, Jane, escapes from her cage and the kids go looking for her. I think you should read this book because it`s interesting and funny. I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did.

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